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Message From Kim

Kim Scouller

A message from Kim:

Everyone is talking about women these days – what we buy, what we think, what we want, what we need, what we earn, and what we worry about.

But there’s no one size fits all.  We may have more economic power, but does a stay-at-home mother of 2 want or even need the same things as a working single mom or a retired widow?

Regardless of our differences in age group, family status or career path, women as a group have caught the attention of the financial services industry. 


95% of women will be their family’s primary financial decision maker at some point in their lives. 90% of women believe they need to be more involved in financial planning. Half of women over 65 outlive their husbands by 15 years. And by 2020, it’s expected that women will control $22 trillion in personal wealth assets, up from $14 trillion today.

So, with our expanded economic power, what do we really want?  What do you want?

Over my career, from struggling teacher, to successful attorney, to broker-dealer president, and now building my own business as a financial professional, the conversations I’ve had with countless women have all shared a universal theme – we all have dreams.  And if I’ve learned one lesson in my career, it’s that women who don’t take control of their life are unlikely to reach their dreams. 

Until the mid-1960’s, most residential real estate agents were men. Over the next 10 years, women began taking over the industry. By 1980, there were more women real estate agents than men.  Today, the real estate industry is dominated by women agents. 

There are a variety of reasons this shift occurred, but one factor is clear – both men and women generally agreed that it’s primarily the woman who decides which house to buy. They also generally agreed that women real estate agents better understand a woman needs in a home.

Could the same gender shift that occurred in the real estate industry be underway in the financial services industry today?  It certainly could be the moment.  And if it is, would you rather be one of the new leaders in the woman-dominated financial services industry or would you rather be one of the women buying from them?

There are Only Blue Skies, and they belong to us. 

Make the decision today to take the controls, and they’ll belong to you, too.

Kim Scouller is Senior Marketing Director of World Financial Group (WFG) and an investment advisor representative of Transamerica Financial Advisors (TFA).  She has been an attorney for over twenty years, spending much of her career as an in-house attorney and executive of one of the largest financial services companies in the world.  Her last four years there, Kim served as the president of the Transamerica broker-dealer with the largest number of registered representatives.  As one of the few women broker-dealer presidents, she traveled around the country talking with people, especially women, about investments and financial goals.  Wanting to be part of the revolution that brings financial education, solutions and access to all clients, Kim left the corporate world in 2006 to start her own financial business within the WFG companies and her own law firm, Jade Law Offices.